Gopal Sankaranarayanan
Teaches Constitutional Litigation
Senior advocate, Supreme Court of India

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Mr. Sankaranarayanan has created this course pro bono.

Senior advocate
Designated at the young age of 41 years.

Argued landmark cases
Fundamental right to privacy, Aadhaar, habeas corpus, Sabarimala, and more!

Social impact
Filed PILs, assisted as amicus, and worked with Justice Lodha Committee to reform BCCI.

Course curriculum

Duration - 3.5 hours of recorded classes + 4 live sessions with guest instructor (once per week) + practical assignments

1. How matters reach the Supreme Court

2. Art of advocacy

3. Constitutional challenges

4. Equality & reservations

5. Personal liberty

6. Conflicting fundamental rights

7. Defining case of the 21st century

8. Improving the Supreme Court

9. Amicus curiae

10. Public interest litigation

11. Protecting the environment

12. Regulating sports' bodies

13. Basic structure doctrine

14. Early years in the profession

15. Lessons from seniors

16. Building a career

17. The Constitution & India

Guest instructor

The guest instructor will take 1 live session every week to deep-dive into concepts, impart practical training, and clear doubts.

Shrutanjaya Bhardwaj

Shrutanjaya is a Delhi-based lawyer working as an Associate at Chambers of Mr. Gopal Sankaranarayanan and Ms. Haripriya Padmanabhan. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in law from NLU Delhi (2017) and his Master's degree from the University of Michigan Law School (2019).

Being a passionate student of constitutional law, Shrutanjaya likes to research and write academic papers on constitutional issues. His interests other than the law include basketball, music, and poetry.

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